A picture of the MI-YVPC 2015 property assessors in front of the Flint arch over Saginaw Street, Flint, MI.

Say hello to the 2015 Property Assessors

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Written by: Susan Franzen, MS Say hello, Flint! The 2015 Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center (MI-YVPC) property assessors are out in Flint neighborhoods looking for the effects of neighborhood improvement projects, greening, and blight, on crime rates and the conditions of surrounding properties. Several teams of trained observers will rate the buildings and landscaping around the property parcels in designated …

A picture of participants of Service Sunday in the University Avenue Corridor. Flint, MI.

Follow the progress in the University Avenue Corridor on Pinterest

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Visit the MI-YVPC Pinterest page to find the new University Avenue Corridor Coalition (UACC) group board. Members of the UACC can pin photos of UACC projects and events to document and share the many positive changes that the UACC is making in the area. Follow the progress by following the board at https://www.pinterest.com/miyvpc/university-avenue-corridor-coalition/.  

Feature image for the Injury Center's Home Firearm Safety Flyer

Parents’ Guide to Home Firearm Safety

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Every parent wants to protect their child from hazards that could cause injury or death. Firearms in the home are one such hazard, and unfortunately many children each year are killed in unintentional shootings and firearm suicides. There are clear and effective steps that parents can take to reduce their children’s risk of firearm injuries and fatalities. Locking guns and …

MI-YVPC research featured in London School of Economics and Political Science blog

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  Allison Krusky was invited to write a blog post based on her article about produce gardens in Flint for the London School of Economics. It can be read on their blog on American Politics and Policies. The post describes how the presence of produce gardens in neighborhoods results in better upkeep of nearby properties, and is a follow up on her recent …

Young guns: U-M study finds high rate of firearm violence in high-risk youth after assault injury

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Research done in an urban emergency department suggests this may be a prime location for efforts to intervene and stop the cycle of firearm violence ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Two young men in their late teens sit in adjacent rooms of an inner-city emergency room. One is getting care for injuries he suffered in a fight, the other, for a …

Let’s make every week National Youth Violence Prevention Week

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National Youth Violence Prevention Week is drawing to a close, but it is important to remember that every week is youth violence prevention week for millions of youth and families who experience the risk of violence in their daily lives. Violence is a leading cause injury and death among youth aged 10-24, but this can be prevented. We know what needs to …

A photograph of four young people planting flowers in a community garden.

Planting produce gardens leads to improved yard maintenance by residents

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Planting produce gardens, trees, and flowers in a neighborhood, is good for residents.  Creating green spaces and improving blighted properties (removing graffiti, litter, signs of poor home maintenance, etc.) can lead to improved mental health, and reduced crime.  In addition, greening in a neighborhood can indicate community investment, which may spread to the surrounding properties as well. Our latest study explored this phenomenon and tested whether yard …

Study of assault-injured teens shows many return to ER with additional injuries within first 6 months

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Teens and young adults who get seriously injured in an assault are nearly twice as likely as their peers to end up back in the emergency room for a violent injury within the next two years, a new University of Michigan Injury Center study finds. The study followed nearly 600 teens and young adults for two years after an emergency room visit …