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Say Something Anonymous Reporting System Evaluation, Miami Dade

Principal InvestigatorProject Manager
Project Dates
  • 2018-2020

Anonymous tip lines can improve school safety through providing a safe and secure reporting system. It allows individuals to report a warning sign using their computer, phones, or tablets and is easily accessible for students, teachers, school administrators and parents. Using this anonymous approach allows individuals to share concerns when a trusted adult is not an option, and emphasizes a positive change in school climate. The Say Something Anonymous Reporting System (SS-ARS) combines the Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) Foundation's school-wide Say Something violence prevention program that enhances risk recognition, empowers and engages school communities and facilitates communication between the school, law enforcement, and crisis responders through a multi-model anonymous reporting system.

The purpose of this study is to improve the recognition of mental duress, violent antecedents, and other risk behaviors in communities; and prevent future violence, criminal and other risk behavior in youth. Together with SHP, we are implementing SS-ARS in the Miami-Dade School District in 2018. This evaluation study will assess the effectiveness of the program through individual and school outcomes.

About the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation

The Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) Foundation is a national non-profit organization that originated in Newton, Connecticut by family and community members affected by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012. The organization focuses on protecting children from gun violence due to crime, suicide, and unintentional discharge. SHP does this by building a national community of parents, schools, and organizations while raising awareness and engaging with community educational programs. SHP has two standard school based interventions:

  • Say Something
  • Start with Hello