Empowering Communities

to create change in their communities and improve their physical and social environments

Greening Neighborhoods

with activities, such as mowing and planting gardens, to revitalize neighborhoods, and reduce crime and violence

Building Busy Streets

to provide safe spaces for residents to connect and communities to thrive

If we take care of abandoned, empty lots in our cities, clean them up and create space for positive social interaction, we can help create safer and busier streets."Marc Zimmerman, MI-YVPC Director

YVPC in the News

Jun 21, 2019 - publicengagement.umich.edu - 9
Michigan Minds Podcast: A New Approach to Improving Firearms Safety | Public Engagement

Auto accidents and firearms are the leading causes of death for children and adolescents in the United States. But while the rate of auto accident deaths largely has trended down over the past two decades, thanks to research and safety measures, the same cannot be said for gun deaths.

Children, Teens & Firearms - Ask The U-M Experts

Feb 15, 2019 - youtu.be - 20
Children, Teens & Firearms - Ask The U-M Experts

Hosted by Michigan Medicine:
Join our expert panelists, Doctors Rebecca Cunningham, Patrick Carter and Marc Zimmerman, all professors at the University of Michigan who together lead a new effort to study the issue of children, teens and firearm-related injuries and deaths. Their program is called the FACTS Consortium, and FACTS is short for the Firearm Safety Among Children and Teens. It’s funded by the National Institutes of Health and includes researchers from across the country. Drs. Cunningham and Carter are both trained as emergency physicians, and Professor Zimmerman specializes in studying resilience and violence prevention among teens.

**Please note: These researchers are working to study and reduce child firearm injuries and deaths, while respecting gun ownership as an important part of the cultural fabric of the U.S.

Feb 12, 2019 - theconversation.com - 26
Want to fight crime? Plant some flowers with your neighbor

Crime is way down in one Flint, Michigan, neighborhood, where locals have teamed up to revamp neglected public spaces. Here, why 'busy streets' can prevent violence and save cities money.

Oct 05, 2018 - academicminute.org - 33
Marc Zimmerman, University of Michigan – Busy Streets Theory

Dr. Marc Zimmerman discusses Busy Streets Theory, community engagement, and CPTED.

Dr. Zimmerman’s research focuses on adolescent health and resiliency, and empowerment theory. His work on adolescent health examines how positive factors in adolescent’s lives help them overcome risks they face. His research includes analysis of adolescent resiliency for risks associated with alcohol and drug use, violent behavior, precocious sexual behavior, and school failure. He is also studying developmental transitions and longitudinal models of change. Dr. Zimmerman’s work on empowerment theory includes measurement and analysis of psychological and community empowerment. The research includes both longitudinal interview studies and community intervention research.