2nd Coming of Chris Brown

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Chris Brown has had a phenomenal comeback year in the music world. He has boasted major album sales and topped it off with a Grammy win for hip-hop album of the year. Just a few years ago his career looked like it could be over. Chris Brown’s assault of then (and current) girlfriend Rihanna made national headlines in 2009 and threatened to bring his thriving career to an early end.

I felt strange watching him perform and win awards in February. I felt that he did not deserve to be celebrated; but on the other hand, I felt that perhaps it was unfair not to allow him to have a second chance. If he had assaulted a random, unknown woman, would we even care? Celebrities assault their significant others regularly; and average people do too, but often they are not accompanied by such damning evidence or happening to such highly visible celebrity pairs. So am I overreacting or do we just forgive and forget?

Chris Brown has not attempted to reconcile, apologize, or reform his image. There was a time when Brown’s music was about juvenile love and romance; now it is about sex, money, and parties with so much profanity that whole sections of his songs are censored on the radio. He has opted for an edgier look complete with tattoos and blonde hair, sans the Charlie Brown shirt. His villainy was solidified in the public eye by the indisputable photographic evidence, police report, and his victim being the likeable singer Rihanna. However, it has been 3 years, and Chris Brown is still so young. Will this haunt him until he is 50 or is there a point when he can make a comfortable comeback? Rhianna sure thinks so…

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  1. I think that this is a really interesting topic, and it’s one I’ve thought a great deal about. I do not feel that Chris Brown deserves a “second chance” in terms of a comeback. Like you mentioned, he has made no real apologies, and has not spoken out against relationship violence. Whenever his violent attack on Rihanna is mentioned, he loses his temper and blames the host of the show for asking the question, instead of taking any responsibility for his actions. If anything, he has just continued to commit harmful acts, including swearing at and insulting female fans. Most recently, he made a derogatory statement to a female who attempted to take a picture of him, and then took her phone. He conveys the idea that there is nothing wrong with committing violence against women, which could lead young males feeling that it is acceptable for them to act similarly. Also, his comeback may make female youth feel as though there is nothing wrong with men in their life treating them violently. In my opinion, his image is extremely damaging to society, especially to youth.

  2. I don’t think you are overreacting. I’m worried that since Rihanna forgave Chris Brown, impressionable teens who are going through a similar situation will forgive their abusive partner when they lash out. Though dating violence can happen to anyone, whether they are famous or not, millions of fans who view Rihanna and Chris Brown as role models are sent the message that though Brown beat Rihanna, this type of relationship is ok to resume.
    Adolescents are influenced by relationships that are seen in the media, if they see that a strong female artist is going back to their abuser how are they suppose to muster up the courage to leave their abusive partner? This situation also creates a problematic view of what a healthy relationship is defined as because due to Rihanna and Brown’s celebrity status they set the standard on social norms and abusive relationships should never be deemed acceptable. Although it is Rihanna’s choice to be with whoever she wants to date, she should be cognizant of the negative impact her actions have on fans that idolize her.