2nd Coming of Chris Brown

Chris Brown has had a phenomenal comeback year in the music world. He has boasted major album sales and topped it off with a Grammy win for hip-hop album of the year. Just a few years ago his career looked like it could be over. Chris Brown’s assault of then (and current) girlfriend Rihanna made national headlines in 2009 and threatened to bring his thriving career to an early end.

I felt strange watching him perform and win awards in February. I felt that he did not deserve to be celebrated; but on the other hand, I felt that perhaps it was unfair not to allow him to have a second chance. If he had assaulted a random, unknown woman, would we even care? Celebrities assault their significant others regularly; and average people do too, but often they are not accompanied by such damning evidence or happening to such highly visible celebrity pairs. So am I overreacting or do we just forgive and forget?

Chris Brown has not attempted to reconcile, apologize, or reform his image. There was a time when Brown’s music was about juvenile love and romance; now it is about sex, money, and parties with so much profanity that whole sections of his songs are censored on the radio. He has opted for an edgier look complete with tattoos and blonde hair, sans the Charlie Brown shirt. His villainy was solidified in the public eye by the indisputable photographic evidence, police report, and his victim being the likeable singer Rihanna. However, it has been 3 years, and Chris Brown is still so young. Will this haunt him until he is 50 or is there a point when he can make a comfortable comeback? Rhianna sure thinks so…