Adults play an important role in creating Safe and Healthy Futures

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By: Briana Jefferson, MI-YVPC Intern

Adults may not always realize how much impact they can have on the lives and futures of children. The “My Safe and Healthy Future” contest asked students to answer four questions and submit an original drawing, poem, song or story about their future.

The questions included were as follows:

  1. What does my safe and healthy future look like?
  2. What do I need to do to get there?
  3. How can adults in my community help me?
  4. What does community mean to me?

These questions were meant to capture what the kids wanted to do in their future, and ways to make sure that their futures were healthy and safe.  The third question in particular generated very interesting responses from the children and clearly  demonstrate how adults may have a large influence on the futures of children and their self-confidence in reaching their goals.

A 5th grader from Doyle Ryder said “adults can work with the families in the community with a safety plan for the children in the community. All the adults should get together and plant a vegetable garden so the community can have fresh vegetables.” Another 6th grader from Doyle Ryder said “adults can help the new generation by setting a good example, giving us advice, giving us the heart to believe, to keep going in life, and staying on us at all times.”

The answers received through the contest show that  adult community members may have a significant amount of influence on the futures of children in the community. Even something as simple as giving advice makes a big impact on children and their confidence. The results of this contest indicate some of the smaller steps community members can take to make an impact in their communities through future generations.

Thank you for all of the wonderful entries, and congratulations to all of our winners and runner ups! What role can you play in children’s lives to make a difference?