Amari Cooper – My Safe and Healthy Future

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Age: 10
Format: Song


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Contest Questions 

What does my safe and healthy future look like?

I’m hoping to be a bucket filler and not a bucket dipper. I want to be helpful and have a good attitude. I want to help millions of people and get an education.

What do I need to do to get there?

I need to check on me before I check on them, don’t be a super saint. Listen to my teacher and pay attention in class, ignore the negativity, be a good person, and help others out.

How can adults in my community help me?

Adults can show me right from wrong, help stop the negativity, and protect us to make a better choice (life).

What does community mean to me?

Community means teamwork and being helpful or team, and family to me.

  • Careful citizenship to an A plus
  • Only helpful
  • Minimized the negativity
  • Makes sure that we are safe
  • Unwraps our minds to be less violent
  • Nice to people
  • In a great mood
  • Tells people they’re safe
  • You are safe!