Assessing Properties and Homes in Flint Neighborhoods

By: Allison Krusky, MPH, MI-YVPC Research Associate

While many people were indoors trying to beat the heat this summer, 6 Flint community members were out walking the streets evaluating the conditions of Flint properties. The Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center (MI-YVPC) Parcel Assessors evaluated over 6,000 properties over a span of 5 weeks. For properties with homes, Parcel Assessors evaluated several factors including siding, roofing, and the structural components of the home. Parcel Assessors also looked at lawn maintenance, litter/trash, and landscaping.

Many residents came out to speak with the Parcel Assessors, and many remembered that we were in the neighborhoods last summer. Being from the community, Parcel Assessors were able to understand and discuss residents’ concerns. Residents in the program area were invited to join MI-YVPC programs or invite youth they know. We will continue to visit the MI-YVPC program and comparison areas for the next three summers.

Some of the Parcel Assessors enjoyed a well earned celebration lunch after completion of this summer’s parcel assessments.

Although the property assessments are complete, the MI-YVPC has 6 Survey Assistants walking through neighborhoods collecting surveys from selected residents. They are distributing shortened versions of the Genesee County Speak To Your Health! Community Survey. These surveys ask residents about their neighborhood conditions, neighborhood perceptions, and health.