Bullying Prevention: You Make the Call

Featured image for “Bullying Prevention: You Make the Call”

While checking my Twitter account the other day, I came upon this interactive video from the United Kingdom.

What I found unique about this video is the ability for the viewer to determine the direction the video took. It’s like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” video for bullying prevention.

We have often felt that one of the great strengths of the Youth Empowerment Solutions (YES) program was that it gave young people the opportunity to master the skills they were learning. It also created a safe space for young people to fail while mastering the skills. The consequences for making a mistake while attempting a solution to a bullying situation can be quite literally, “hazardous to your health.”

This video takes the risk out of the decision making process in a bullying situation. I believe the video was also made in a way that will engage young people, so they will be more inclined to use it to learn bullying prevention techniques. This is a video that can be used in a classroom setting or at home with your own children and provides lots of opportunities for discussion about the strategies that have been chosen.