Congressman Kildee visits YES program (Video)

Alison Grodzinski Media/News 1 Comment

As part of the Youth Empowerment Solutions (YES) program, the young people meet with community leaders to discuss issues they feel are important.  On April 29, YES students from Church Without Walls, met with U.S. Congressman Dan Kildee.

Congressman Kildee said he came away with a four point agenda after talking with the young people.  The first was a need to clean up the blight in their neighborhood, the second was to take illegal guns off the streets, the third was to increase the number of police officers in their neighborhood and the fourth was to provide young people with more opportunities for positive activities.
The YES students would like to thank the Congressman for his concern for their input and look forward to keeping him updated on their community service project.


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  1. It is rewarding to know that there are some political officials that are concerned with community safety. I give a lot of respect to Congressman Kildee for reaching out to the children. This is the only way children are going to feel like they are being heard. I hope the issues brought up will be addressed because those came straight from the community itself. These children are constantly exposed to those four elements of violence and if they are able to recognize it then they must me commonly seen or found on the streets. This goes to show that we are heading in the right direction in terms of youth violence prevention.