The Effects of Chronic Violence on Flint’s Youth

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Michigan Radio
, one of Michigan’s National Public Radio (NPR) stations, recently ran a short piece on the toll chronic violence takes on the youth in Flint. They will also be expanding on this topic today, with an extended version of their story and an hour long, live call-in show. The show will take a broader look at the effects of violence on youth.

Part of their coverage also looks at efforts and interventions to reduce the violence, as well as support and reinforce the resilience of the young people in the community dealing with these pressures. Featured among these is a conversation with Gary Jones of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint, who is also a partner in our Mentoring intervention program. They also interviewed MI-YVPC staff members and Flint youth for the story.

If you missed the shorter story yesterday, you can find it at the Michigan Radio State of Opportunity website. You can listen to the extended story during the call-in show today at 3 p.m. EDT. Visit Michigan Radio for station information, or listen online through their streaming service.