Marc Zimmerman Interview with Este University

Alison Grodzinski Media/News 2 Comments

Professor Marc Zimmerman, Director of the MI-YVPC and the Prevention Research Center, recently did an interview with Este University regarding his work. You can watch the full interview of it tomorrow (September 16th) at 10AM:

Read more about Marc Zimmerman’s work by visiting his profile on the School of Public Health’s website:

Comments 2

  1. Thank you for your feedback about the interview. If you are interested
    in Dr. Zimmerman’s research on adolescent resiliency, you might enjoy
    reading the following paper:

    Fergus, S. & Zimmerman, M. (2005). Adolescent
    resilience: A framework for understanding healthy development in the face
    of risk. Annual Review of Public Health, 26, 399-419.

    Also, the link to the paper is here: