National Youth Violence Prevention Week 2023

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April 24th- April 28th is National Youth Violence Prevention Week! This weeklong observance brings communities together to raise awareness about the ways we can support youth to stay healthy and safe.

Throughout the week, we’re amplifying youth voices, highlighting the work that our community partners are doing, and showcasing youth-driven prevention strategies. We’re also sharing evidence on what works for preventing youth violence.

Upcoming Events

Monday, April 24th

What is youth violence prevention?

Prevention takes many forms! To start off the week, we will explore what youth violence prevention means and what it looks like for communities across the US.

Tuesday, April 25th

What is positive youth development and how is it part of youth violence prevention?

Put your knowledge to the test! How much do you know about positive youth development? Find out by taking this short quiz.

Wednesday, April 26th

What work is being done to prevent youth violence?

Positive community organizations and settings are essential for keeping youth safe! Learn about the work that our partners are doing in their communities to prevent youth violence.

Learn more from our Partner Spotlights.

Thursday, April 27th

How can we center youth voices in violence prevention?

Youth engagement in violence prevention matters! Follow us on social media to learn more about what youth are doing to prevent violence in their communities.

Friday, April 28th

The Evidence – What current research has been done to prevent youth violence?

It takes a village to prevent youth violence! From supporting youth in healthcare settings to improving neighborhood environments, we share the evidence on community-level interventions that work. Follow us on social media for our recent findings.