New study examines links between life satisfaction and school violence

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A new study led by our colleague, Jorge Varela at the Universidad del Desarollo in Santiago, Chile, examined the relationship between school violence and life satisfaction among youth, specifically looking at the role that school satisfaction may also play in that relationship.

The researchers analyzed data from a sample of 802 seventh graders from three different cities in Chile. They found that being a victim of school violence was indeed related to life satisfaction.  In addition, this relationship was affected by the youth’s level of school satisfaction.

The study which was published in the journal, Child Indicators Research, highlights the importance of the role of school satisfaction and school climate in life satisfaction.

The results suggest that prevention initiatives that consider school context may be a useful strategy for reducing the negative consequences of school violence among youth.

Article citation:

Varela, J. J., Zimmerman, M. A., Ryan, A. M., Stoddard, S. A., Heinze, J. E., & Alfaro, J. (2017). Life Satisfaction, School Satisfaction, and School Violence: A Mediation Analysis for Chilean Adolescent Victims and Perpetrators. Child Indicators Research, 1–19.