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  1. Having the ability to have such programs like YES is something that should be implemented more in different cities with high crime and violence, because it helps to target the risk factors for the community and the individuals like youth. Programs that are helped by the community to grow and be able to target such risk factors are the programs that are more successful. I think the YES program teaching youth how to deal with conflict the right way and not with violence is an excellent form of way to teach these youths to deal with situations properly in their lives. Currently, in my internship there is a phenomenal program inside the juvenile institutions called Thinking 4 a Change, this program targets the youths specific risk factors to: anger management, violence, abuse, and drug abuse. This program helps the youth give a real life situation depending on their risk factors and help them asses how they could have approached the situation better and not from the other factors mentioned. There are many programs out there that do help youth but sometimes families are not aware of the many resources provided for their youth and that lacks giving intervention to the youths. Educating families and parents is something that should be more implemented.