Youth Empowerment Solutions

Principal Investigator

Youth Empowerment Solutions is an evidence-based violence prevention program that is based on the theory of youth empowerment and community engagement.

The goals of the YES program are to provide youth with opportunities for meaningful involvement in preventing youth violence and creating community change, enhance neighborhood organizations’ ability to engage youth in their activities, and change the social and physical environment to reduce and prevent violence (especially youth violence). The project involves youth in the process of changing community physical and social environments and includes three components: 1) youth empowerment activities; 2) neighborhood organization development; and 3) community development projects that involve youth and organizations working together. Youth empowerment activities include workshops for program planning, budgeting, implementation, and evaluation; opportunities to engage peers in community change efforts; developing ethnic identity and pride; and working with adults to achieve these goals.

From 2010-2015, YES was implemented as one of the six interventions of the MI-YVPC Multi-level Approach to Youth Violence Prevention core project. YES was also implemented in several cities across the nation as part of the CDC STRYVE Adaptation project.  In addition, we are implementing components of our YES program and training as a foundation for training community organizations to work with youth in our current YVPC Community Engagement project.

For more information about YES and to download the curriculum, visit the YES website.

YES Programs

For more information about YES and to download the curriculum, visit the YES website.