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The YES Curriculum, 2nd Edition can be downloaded from the University of Michigan Tech Transfer website. The curriculum and implementation guide provides lesson plans for after-school sessions, templates for community change projects, and guidelines for adult advocate training.

There are two versions of the YES Curriculum, each with a different population focus:

  1. African American populations
  2. Multicultural populations.

Both versions of the curriculum utilize the same number of lessons with the same general content.  The difference comes from the specific examples and illustrations used within the lessons.  The first is the original version which was developed for use with a primarily African American student population.  In this version, the examples and illustrations are exclusively African and African American.  The cultural identity lessons deal exclusively with African culture.  This second version is entitled Multicultural on the Tech Transfer site and includes examples and activities for a broader range of cultures. Both versions are free for you to download and use.

Downloading the YES Curriculum

To download the YES Curriculum, 2nd Edition, you will be linked to the University of Michigan Tech Transfer website. This website is for licensing products and materials from the University of Michigan.

There are several steps involved in the download process. Before you are able to download the curriculum, you will be asked for some contact and organization information, and have to agree to the license terms. If you need assistance with this process, please refer to our Downloading Instructions.

Please email us if you have any questions about the downloading process at

For more information visit the YES Website.