Safe and Healthy Futures for All Children

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Our hearts grieve for the families of Newtown, Connecticut, and for every family who has lost a child through homicide.  In the United States, an average of seven young people under the age of twenty are murdered each day.  Most of these children die as a result of firearm injuries. By applying public health principles, childhood deaths from infectious diseases and motor vehicle crashes have been vastly reduced. We can, and must, do the same with gun violence. At the Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to creating safe and healthy futures for all children.

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  1. I believe that most of these children dying from firearm injuries are because they have easy access to them in their house, from their peers, or by gang’s violence such as drive by shooting (straight bullet). Cracking down of gum control issues and making it difficult to obtain firearms should be a longer process and have a thorough background investigation. It’s a sad and horrible incident that happened in Newtown, Connecticut. Another contributing factor to this would be to hide or keep guns in safes if parents have children in the house. Most of these accidents are accidental and they think it’s a toy gun till it goes off. It’s a sad but true fact in most cases. Or their peers end up showing them their parent’s gun that they found in arms reach of them. Drives by shooting are the most dangerous of them all. A straight bullet can strike an innocent child playing outside their front door because they live in a gang infested house or a piercing bullet enters their house because of random shooting. There’s a lot more we could do to protect our children whose future have been brought down because of firearms. It’s devastating to hear children who shot themselves because of a gun they found in their parents room or a shooting that has occurred because they have access to guns.

  2. It is very sad and unfortunate what happened in Newtown, Connecticut. This should teach us how important it is to create a safe future for the children. Like the author said, many children die every day due to weapons. I believe that weapons are very accessible today and that is the reasons why tragic events occur. There should be laws implemented towards stricter gun control to diminish crime. I believe that the events that occurred at Newtown should be more than enough to teach us how important gun control should be taken into consideration towards stricter gun control laws.

  3. It is our duty to our children to create a better world for them to live in. Children are facing problems that they should not have to face, like abuse, abandonment, neglect, etc. and not only that, but now they also have to deal with the fear of dying. In an ideal world, children would be safe, happy, and full of life, but sadly, this is not the case. However, this is not impossible. Gun violence is a problem, but just how we created vaccines for deadly diseases and car safety to prevent accidents, we can address the issue of gun violence in a way that benefits everyone.

  4. My deepest condolences go out to all the people of Newton that have been affected by this horrific tragedy. It was heartbreaking reading the statistic that an average of seven young people under the age of twenty are murdered each day in the United States. Given that the majority of these deaths are gun related, it makes you wonder how on earth guns came into play. Was it because guns were accessible to these kids, victims of gang related crimes, or just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time? Guns need to be kept away from children where they are not easily accessible to them. If you as a parent aren’t able to place a gun in a safe location, then maybe you shouldn’t be owning a gun in the first place. Children and guns just don’t go together!

  5. After reading this post, the statistic that really jumps out at me is the one that stated an average of 7 young people are murdered each day in the U.S. The fact that most of these deaths are found to be gun related, it makes you wonder if the people that own guns, own them for the right reason? or if there is a right reason to own a gun? Another question i asked myself after reading this post is should there be an extensive background investigation before being allowed to buy a gun? and if so, would it prevent some of these deaths. All in all, parents that have young children around need to be much more disciplined in where they keep their weapons, or maybe re think the fact of owning them in the first place.

  6. It is truly sad to see innocent children lose their lives and even getting hurt because of the mistakes of negligent gun owners. Gun control laws need to be revised to prevent tragic events from occurring in the future. California is on the right path; they have the strictest gun laws in the nation. California already requires background checks unlike other states where one can go in a gun store and walk out with guns the same day. Furthermore, the policies in California are making a difference, for the fire arm death rate in California is lower than the U.S. as a whole. President Obama is also on the right path to solve this issue. In response to the Sandy Hook shooting, President Obama aims to reform gun laws by banning gun laws, banning high capacity magazines, administering background check and other measures. However on April 17, President Obama and americans who wish to see gun laws reformed were declined by congress. I think the country is on the right path to solve this issue, however more need to be done. The four key elements is a good starting point. (balance, communication, connectedness, & support)

  7. I agree that there has been a lot done about car crashes. I also agree that childhood deaths from infectious diseases have been reduced as well. I do think it’s important to get a grasp on gun control but I don’t think it should be entirely banned.

    1. I also think it’s important to mention the presidents response to all of the shootings that have happened. I do believe he’s trying to help the situation. I think it’ll be a long time before anything beneficial happens but I’m glad that the U.S is taking a step in the right direction.