One of the goals of the MI-YVPC is to teach graduate and undergraduate students about youth violence prevention. Our comprehensive training program teaches future public health practitioners, researchers, policy-makers about preventing youth violence in our communities.

Our training programs include internships, post-doctoral training, workshops, and seminars.

HBHE 680: Issues in Youth Violence Prevention

From 2011-2015, we offered an accredited course, HBHE 680,  at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.  This course was designed to provide students with an understanding of intentional injury, generally, and adolescent violence-related injury, in particular, as an important public health problem that is amenable to preventive measures.  Topics covered include school violence, dating violence, suicide, firearms, and violence in the media. Students also learn about conceptual and theoretical models describing the etiology of adolescent violence-related injury and gain an understanding of how such frameworks influence the development of prevention programs. The course presented examples from local communities that are actively involved in youth violence prevention. Students in each session were asked to write a blog post on a topic of their choice. Read the HBHE 680 BlogThis course is not offered currently.

Youth Empowerment Solutions (YES) Training

Training is available for organizations that would like to adopt the YES program. We provide individual consultation and technical assistance for organization leaders and recommend eight hours of training for front-line program staff to prepare them to implement the YES Curriculum. For more information about YES training, visit the YES website.

For more information about  youth violence prevention training opportunities, please contact us at: