Who are those people walking around my neighborhood with clipboards?

As part of the MI-YVPC evaluation, we are conducting property assessments in the intervention and comparison areas.  The purpose of the property assessment is to examine the effects of specific community change projects (such as community gardens)  on the maintenance and upkeep of properties.

Starting Monday July 11th, a team of University of Michigan research assistants will be walking through the neighborhoods rating each property.   You will see several teams of trained observers walking around with clip boards. The researchers are looking at each property parcel and completing a quick checklist. They will be rating the buildings and landscaping around each property parcel.

They  are looking at whether or not the property:

  • is occupied or vacant
  • has broken and/or boarded windows
  • has graffiti and/or fire damage
  • has discarded appliances, discarded vehicles, small amounts of litter, and/or large amounts of trash
  • overall property maintenance

The research team will be in the neighborhoods for several weeks, and will be return every summer through 2015. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.  You can either contact us here on this website, or by phone:  Allison Krusky, MPH, Project Coordinator at (734) 763-6060.