CDC releases new Opportunities for Action guide

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A new guide from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,  entitled Preventing Youth Violence: Opportunities for Action, has just been released that describes effective strategies that can be used to prevent youth violence

opportunities-for-action-coverYouth violence is a leading cause of death and injuries — each and every day 13 young people are victims of homicide and more than 1,600 are treated in emergency departments for nonfatal injuries. Research and experience show that we can prevent youth violence, and that everyone has a role.

Community leaders and members can take steps, such as enhancing the skills of young people and using evidence-based prevention strategies. Public health professionals can strengthen their community’s ability to understand and prevent youth violence through sharing information, using data, and continuing research. Families and other adults who work with youth can be nonviolent role models, closely monitor youth’s activities, and seek out help when needed. Youth can make safe choices and help others be violence free.  Advances in our understanding of effective prevention strategies prove that we can do a lot more than simply respond when violence occurs.

CDC’s Preventing Youth Violence: Opportunities for Action and its companion guide provide information and action steps to help all community members be a part of the solution. There are steps that community leaders and members, public health professionals, families, adults who work with youth, and young people can take today that can stop youth violence before it starts.

Download Preventing Youth Violence: Opportunities for Action or it’s companion guide, Taking Action to Prevent Youth Violence, from CDC as PDFs.