A Fed Up Community Takes Things Into Their Own Hands

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Three young children and infants were murdered within the last two months in Detroit and this is a trend that we do not hope to see grow. Detroit, right behind the city of Flint, is one of the most dangerous or violent cities in America. As a future public health professional and Detroit native, the prevention of violence and injury is dear to me. Sadly, I am able to share personal accounts and stories of classmates that were murdered or severely injured as a result of violence. The community is frustrated and crying out for help but how can we reduce risk factors that contribute to violence? What protective factors are there for us to build upon.

Well one group of citizens called the Detroit 300, have decided to take matters into their own hands. The founders of this group are individuals that are national TV/Radio personalities, community activists and a Pulitzer Prize winner. The Detroit 300 is comprised of “…a conglomerate of citizens, civic groups, organizations and businesses that are banned together, fight and deter crime in our residential areas, also known as neighborhoods”. These citizens of and near Detroit want to eradicate crime by focusing on certain target areas and policing them. They want to pursue individuals responsible for crimes. These crimes range from defacing property to murder and robbery. They have also vowed to hunt down the people responsible for these recent child murders.

Do you think this vigilant approach may be effective in reducing crime in Flint or other cities with similar issues?

For more information on the Detroit 300 organization, visit here: www.thedetroit300.org/