It’s More Than Just Gun Control Laws

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Photo credit: Carlos Javier Ortiz via The Washington Post

Recent news of gun violence in Chicago has sparked national attention by news sources all over, and by President Obama.  The president gave a speech on Friday to comment about the recent rise in homicides in Chicago.  An emphasis was placed on values of marriage, family, religion, and community as the driving factors behind the recent epidemic.

President Obama pointed out that the government is not the only solution to gun control. Although the government can create new laws and policies, the issue is much larger than just that. The POTUS stated that when a child shoots another child “there is a hole in that child’s heart that government can’t fill”. The speech went on to call attention to strengthening the American family. President Obama stated that a solid foundation is laid when a child has parents who have some education, work, and can be good role models.

Lastly, President Obama brought the conversation back around to the economy as a means to control gun violence.  He pointed out that in many neighborhoods (not just Chicago), children do not have much hope for a brighter future.  The general belief is that opportunity only goes as far as the next block, or maybe the next town over.  If children don’t believe that they can succeed in life, then the issue is larger than just controlling gun laws.

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  1. I agree with President Obama’s statement about gun control being influenced by values of marriage, family, religion, and community. Often times the perpetrators feel they have nothing to look forward to and just act without thinking. If there was stability and love in their lives, I’d like to believe that there would be a lot less gun violence. Having two parents in the home builds a great foundation of love. Having religion serves as a higher being and having faith in something or someone (not just the streets/violence). Lastly it takes a village to raise a child so communities must be willing to work together to prevent violence and do away with nonchalant attitudes surround the violence in their neighborhoods.

  2. Your post brought up very interesting points. I agree that it takes more than governmental policies to stop gun control. Many of the recent shootings have occurred with the perpetrator acquiring a gun illegally. Interventions need to focus on behavioral factors as well as promoting protective factors. In bad, high-risk neighbors, though, even the strongest interventions may not have significant impacts. This raises the question of what can be done to create the largest change in this violent behavior.