Roshanak Mehdipanah, PhD

Photograph of Roshanak Mehdipanah, PhD
  • Co-Investigator
  • Associate Professor, Department of Health Behavior and Health Education, University of Michigan School of Public Health



Dr. Mehdipanah is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Behavior and Health Education at the UM School of Public Health. Dr. Mehdipanah's current research portfolio focuses on aspects of urban health, including urban renewal, planning, housing and gentrification and their effects on community health and health inequities, including violence. Dr. Mehdipanah is Co-PI on a CDC-Funded R01 study examining environmental-design interventions to prevent illegal dumping as a method for preventing community violence, including firearm violence. She is the co-lead of School of Public Health’s interdisciplinary initiative on equitable cities, with Co-I Dr. Wang.  She is also Director of the U-M Housing Solutions for Health Equity initiative focused on informing local, state, and national policy through interdisciplinary research on housing as it relates to equity in health, race, socio-economic status, and aging. Dr. Mehdipanah has led several projects on housing and health, including health evaluations of housing policies on affordability and discrimination in the U.S. Prior to joining the faculty in HBHE, Dr. Mehdipanah was an investigator with the SOPHIE project (Evaluating the Impact of Structural Policies on Health Inequalities) funded by the European Union.