Raising of America: A screening and community conversation

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You are invited to a screening and discussion of the film series The Raising of America. This is a five-part documentary series that explores the question: Why are so many children in America faring so poorly? What are the consequences for the nation’s future? How might we, as a nation, do better? The series investigates these questions through different lenses: What does science tell us about the enduring importance of early life experiences on the brain and body? What it is like to be a parent today? And what policies and structures help or hinder the raising of healthy, happy and compassionate children? Episode one covers all three of these issues. The four subsequent episodes each dive in for a closer look. Visit www.raisingofamerica.org for more information.


Episodes 1-5 will be shown over a 4 day period (Jan 25th-28th). Each screening day will start promptly at 3:00 and run until 4:30 pm. Please see the flyer for the screening schedule. No RSVP required.


All episodes will be shown at:

University of Michigan School of Public Health (SPH)
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Room 1655