Youth Violence Prevention Through Environmental Design

Principal Investigator
Project Dates
  • 2014-2017
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Youth Violence Prevention Through Environmental Design aims to study the effects of environmental design on crime and youth violence. The project is in partnership with the University Avenue Corridor Coalition (UACC), a local community-based coalition in Flint, MI.

The UACC was established in 2012 to implement Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) activities to address blight and crime hotspots, improve neighborhood health and safety, stabilize land use, establish leisure and recreational areas, and create and improve communication links and education in the area. The UACC is a broad based coalition of neighborhood and community groups, universities, local businesses, health care and social services organizations, and law enforcement in Flint.

This funding allows the group to expand their neighborhood and blight elimination efforts to a wider area and evaluate the effects of their projects on crime, injury, property conditions and neighborhood perceptions.

The Michigan YVPC is leading the evaluation of these activities and their effects on crime, neighborhood perceptions and youth violence. The evaluation strategy includes analysis of police records and injury data from local health centers, as well as a community survey and assessment of property conditions. The research team will share the results with the community through public meetings and online.

Project Fact Sheet

CPTED Principles Story Map

We have developed a Story Map that explores the CPTED principles and how they have been applied in the University Avenue Corridor (UAC).

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